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What is the AVIN?

The AVIN is a unique 13 digit number, which acts like an ISBN for books, but is used for tracking wine. The AVIN began as a project to help clean the data in the social tasting note site, Adegga.com. Every wine that is given an AVIN is first checked against the database to ensure that it doesn’t already exist. If the wine does exist, it will cull any mis-entered wines by merging them together and add permanent redirects, which allows the user entering the incorrect wine information to be redirected to the correctly entered wine.

What does it look like?

An AVIN looks like this: AVIN6452997073019

Today the AVIN project is changing. The database is moving to its own home and will be kept as an open resource for the world’s wine community. Consequently, the AVIN can be used by any wine resource in the world so that their data can be verified as correct.

Why use the AVIN?

As many wine lovers are distinctly aware, it can be difficult to find information about a wine from either the bottle or from the various sources online which list the wine’s information in several different ways. The AVIN attempts to solve this issue by assigning a unique number to every single wine.

  • As a wine writer/blogger, if you include the AVIN in your articles online, you are telling your readers the exact wine you are referring to. How can you use the AVIN? Include an AVIN (like this one: AVIN6452997073019) in the title, body or tags of any article or blog post and Google and other services like Adegga.com will be able to track that you wrote about that specific wine.
  • As a winery, if you label your wines with the AVIN, you are giving your customers an identifier that will remain consistent, providing them specific information as to which wine they are drinking.  How can you get an AVIN for your wines? Email us a list of your wines. We’ll create a code for each wine and email you back!
  • As a retailer, if you use the AVIN you no longer have to worry about the wrong UPC information or having to create a unique code for each wine. The AVIN can be incorporated into any scanning technology; and with our help, you can implement the AVIN throughout your operation. How can you get an AVIN for your wines? Email us and we can help to find a solution for your needs!
  • Finally as a Consumer – The AVIN is most important. You no longer have to worry if the wine you’re holding is the one a critic is talking about. Just type in the AVIN into your favorite search engine, and a list of where that wine has been mentioned will appear. Plus you can keep track of the wines you love without having to know how to type strange accents or how to spell Gewurztraminer!

The team

The AVIN was created in 2008 by the social tasting note site Adegga.com as a means to solve a database issue. When each wine was entered into the database by the user, it was often entered inconsistently, whereby creating doubles of a wine, or simply having incorrect information. The AVIN was a means to solve this issue by creating a single unique code for each and every wine. Today the AVIN is available to be used by anyone and not just Adegga.

Board of Advisors

The AVIN is forming a Board of Advisors to help bring greater awareness to the AVIN project, as well as broader adoption across the wine world.

Current board members

André Cid Proença – Founder of Adegga.com

Andre Ribeirinho – Founder of Adegga.com & recently named Wine Personality of the Year by DN

Emidio Santos – Founder of Adegga.com

Gabriella Opaz – Founder of Catavino.net and the European Wine Bloggers Conference

Ryan Opaz – Founder of Catavino.net and the European Wine Bloggers Conference

Who is using the AVIN?

Wineries: Check full list of wineries.

Websites: Adegga.com , Catavino, Vino Valencia

Wine Regions: DOC Tejo

Wine bloggers: Dragon Phoenix Wine Blog, Elloinos, Good Wine Under $20, MagnaCasta and Spittoon


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