30 Million Labels are Now Using the AVIN!

We’re incredibly excited to announce that the AVIN has officially been printed on 30 million labels circulating internationally!! The AVIN code is a unique technology that solves an enormous challenge facing the wine industry, clean data; and we’ve been working diligently for 3 years to create this innovative and open standard for wine information.

Like an ISBN for books, each vintage of every wine is assigned a unique number that consists of 13 digits preceded by the letters AVIN (ex: AVIN6452997073019), which includes various data points including wine name, region and varietals. This unique code is currently free for wineries to register and is guaranteed for life. The key benefit to using the AVIN is that there is no longer need to dispute the wine’s origin, spelling of the winery name or various other key factors.

By becoming a central repository for information, AVIN helps to address internal wine trade issues as well as having customer marketing benefits. Over 25,000 different wines from around 7,500 wineries have already had an AVIN registered.

Wine retailers, importers, writers and also competition organizers can resolve numerous inventory queries by confirming wine details against the single information source.

From Carrie Jorgenson of Cortes de Cima Winery, she believes that the AVIN will ease the headaches of finding information about a wine quickly and efficiently.

“We believed that the AVIN would prove to be a good tool to make it easier for our customers and consumers to search/ to find online information about our wines, in this age of information.”

The AVIN also has consumer marketing benefits. Wineries can print matrix barcode on the labels to create a dynamic and interactive wine buying experience. For example QRCodes permit smart phones to scan and extract information from the wine label itself, displaying this information on the customer’s phone but also with the possibility to link to awards, articles and stockists.

The AVIN is currently setting up a Board of Directors to both manage the project and ensure the data remains free and accessible to all users into the future. Currently, any winery can create an AVIN code for their wine within minutes.

Let us know what you think of the AVIN? Has it helped your winery, made your life a little simpler as a wine lover, or maybe it’s inspired you to delve further in the world of technology and wine as a retailer. However it’s aided you, let us know!

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